Yunnan Mao Feng

Leaves from the Yunnan province in a Mao Feng style. Mao Feng, in Chinese, means “downy tip,” meaning that the bud is young and covered with white like a bird. This taste, a combination of bean, bitter melon, and gardenia, creates a creamy sensation, with a definite edge at the end. Much like Dragon Well, this again is a winged creature, but much more delicate. While the name of the tea suggests a small bird, the taste is smooth and thoughtful, with a slight bitterness to it. There is definitely a sharp end later in the path of its motion within the body.

If this could be thought of as a bird, it is a mountain bird, fully grown, sitting on a rock in a high mountain and remembering its childhood. Yet those memories may be inflected with the life the bird has understood through its experiences. Long soaring through the air, it’s migration paths from season to season, perhaps a disappearing landscape. The bird can speak, but we will never understand it’s language. What stories could it tell if we could understand?

In reply, the tea suggests that the memories of the bird are sweet and poignant, yet with an essence of bitterness. Life has not always been easy for the bird. It has seen homes destroyed, grown hungry in the winter, and become aware of the subtleness of its own life, as it remembers it’s first migrations, the passing of each year, and the world as it is, as it sits perched on the rock. It flies away through the canyons, letting out a cry, both beautiful and sad, with an enormous sun making reflections on a small river beneath it.

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