Silver Tip Jasmine

The last of the teas the teahouse said would blow my mind was Silver Tip Jasmine, which was fantastic. This may be my goto Tea when I’m not exploring. It has a stringent quality in it’s leaf form, and it feels like a direct taste jolt of Jasmine. I have had it before, but not at the teashop, and I think it’s readily available at many shops. It’s a lot like Pearl Jasmine, but Pearl Jasmine has a much softer quality, and this tea is more direct.

Because of the name I always imagined it as literally having a silver tip at the end, with a blend of metallic tastes that would become sharp. It, of course, does not, but the feeling of a directed force still remains, despite the way my imagination created the form in my mind.

There are so many strong terminologies we can use to imagine the reality of things that aren’t really there. I try to explore things like this in my writing, and I tend to think visually. But emotionally, this tea to me creates a sense of creative energy, yet is almost with precision, directed in an awakening quality within my mind, or whatever the mind is. I feel perhaps over analytical with this tea. It would be absolutely perfect for a directed task that requires alertness and precision. I could easily see this being a great tea to wake up with, or to get going on daily tasks with happiness and care. Is this the ultimate form of mindfulness? Being awake to all of our perceptions? If it is, this is a fantastic tea for engagement with our environment and our place within it.

Perhaps, in this context, Silver Tip Jasmine is like a smooth crystal, clear in essence. In fact the color of the tea in a cup is very transparent. Like a quartz crystal, perhaps with a pale silver at it’s base, with sharp forms in places, yet emphasizing a harmonic quality. By engaging with it, I’m focusing more, I am ready for the day in a way that I wouldn’t have been without it.

The teahouse was right. This tea is blowing my mind.

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