Dragon Blossom

Dragon blossom is a blend made in the teahouse from Dragon Well Green Tea, Chrysanthemum and Goji Berries from China. The instructions from the teahouse said to “breathe in the aroma of the tea before sipping in soundness of mind and comfort for body to bring peace to your soul.” I found that to be absolutely true, and the balance of the chrysanthemum with the green tea really does create something with a feeling of elevated herbal tea, which I have used often in the past for anxiety and calming. It may almost be too powerful of a taste, since it really is the dominant quality of the tea, but the addition of the other elements creates a more focused state. Usually, Chrysanthemum engages your whole body at once, absolutely creating a feeling of peace. The green tea addition though, makes it feel more direct and immediate. It’s a great blend.

It has a textured surface of light yellow and green and red in its substance, and in the overall feeling of a yellow green hue in the cup. I’m interested in what the color of the tea has to do with the feeling of peace. It doesn’t feel severe, and the interaction of the colors reminds me of potpourri dishes on tables that my Mom might make for the holidays, with a definite sense of home. While the shop did not intend me to think of potpourri or suburban craft stores, its color scheme created that sense to me. Large suburban craft stores are so strange. Sometimes, they are one of the only places you can get plastic fruit, a strange object in the Anthroposcene.I remember buying my first paint there.

Color is perhaps one of our strongest identifiers. The work of some of the great artists all present a more coherent color scheme. Monet and pastel coloration are immediately identifiable as he builds beautiful forms of the natural and physical effects of the world. El Greco has a dominance of pure red and earth tones in his work while describing spiritual passages that transcend in an indescribable way. The Dutch masters create light from deeply shadowy forms in sienna and raw umber.

If this tea were a dragon, it would be a white dragon made of clouds, that would curl around you in a deep slumber, carrying the atmosphere into your body, and relaxing all of your senses, until you are relaxed, calm and peaceful. I have to say, after having a day of low caffeine green tea, and specifically in Dragon Blossom, I slept really well at the end of the day. It is an incredibly relaxing blend.

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