Cloud Mist

I think this may be a common green tea I have had often. It reminds me of my first green tea experiences, but this is definitely the best version I’ve ever had. It might not be, but it has a sense of familiarity to it. This would likely be a perfect green tea to begin an exploration. From Li River, Songyang, Zhejiang, this is a daily green tea first nourished in Spring rain. There is a combination of a cream sensation with a slight, almost unnoticeable sweetness to it. It might be a small encyclopedia of all green tea, with a hint of vegetal, soft sweetness, and a tinge of bitterness to it. I could really use a tea like this in the morning, and it might be a mainstay goto morning green tea. Maybe I could combine it with another tea to even increase the energy of the tea. I could definitely see this becoming a daily tea experience.

The soft bitterness is really important. At first I thought I had made it too strong, but I measured the infusions exactly in time and temperature, so I can only think that this is the quality of the tea itself. That’s one of the things that make this tea so amazing. Though sweet at times, it feels like a tea that could immediately be used to focus your attention and energy. That’s the only thing I felt was lacking in the rest of the green teas I have been discovering. The focus I thought I lost in coffee was immediately restored once I had this tea. While Hojicha simulated the feeling of coffee, this one feels like its effect. It is simultaneously muted, yet forceful, like many coffee experiences. I have to admit, I kind of love this tea.

How many mornings could I begin to work hard in after I had this tea? Probably many. It’s not relaxing me at all. It renders my emotions steady, with a focus on writing this entry. Tea can do so much more than just simply relaxing us. It has so many varieties that can use at different times to focus our energy and alter our mental state. Tea is unlike anything I haven egaged with before.

And still, I can’t think of a more peaceful thing to get into than tea. It’s endless, and from the tea I’m trying, inexpensive yet rare. I am so grateful for being so close to a great teahouse. I am really now part of the tea community there. The staff and I get so excited about tea, and they recognize that I’m approaching this in a very unusual way. And the fact that we’re all being mindful is exactly what I was looking for when I thought I needed a meditation community. Tea has all the elements of what I focus on in my art and design practice: it can help with anxiety, shared with friends and family, and more than any of these things individually, serve as a complex range of emotions that produce effects particular to each tea, and to each person.

I know it’s called Cloud Mist, but to me, this could be described as Mountain Cloud, because it is so dense, and would be a perfect way to start a hike up a mountain, focusing energy and harnessing passion is an immediate appeal to our logical and physical faculties.

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