Dragon Well

Yesterday I was in the tea shop, and again I asked them to suggest something. They said they could recommend a Chinese green tea without any hesitation, called Dragon Well. It was so fresh, that they literally cut open the sealed bag and gave me the first of it. It was an incredibly rare, fresh experience. They got the tea that morning.

Dragon Well is a very well known tea in China. The name, even before the taste, captivated me. Dragons are common myths in cultures all over the world, but the Asian concept of a dragon is amazing. They are water spirits, symbolizing life itself. The fascinating thing about the concept of a well of dragons makes a subtle statement about the effects of this tea. A well is a place where water is collected from the air and sky. I imagine dragons as the wind, invisible and carrying with it the atmosphere, filled with lightning that illuminates a gray sky, for brief flashes. Out of this cloud world, the movement of life passes through to be collected at the ground, the invisible dragons flowing in and out of it, for water, life itself, as a gift to all people.

The taste is subtle. While recently I looked at Pearl Jasmine, with definite floral accents that engage the senses without hesitation, this tea has a multi-dimensional arc of linear time as the experience takes shape. With each draught, while grassy, there is a quick bell curve of sensations. From an immediate kick, to a slow leveling out and feeling of solidity and strength. Wouldn’t the arc forms of dragon flight be like this, as wind and water? It was so subtle that I planned on having it again soon, to really focus and thing about it more, so this may be a two part entry. 

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